ACAF team

Patricia Maguet (Administration)

She Participates in the creation and monitoring of existing groups in CAF Association, especially in regard to issues of training and supporting management and fundraising. His career as a clinical psychologist has elapsed primarily in non-profit organizations with people experiencing psychosocial risk. In this area she is also dedicated to training and research in international journals. Currently directs the Center for Family Psychology.

Abdoulaye Fall (Program Manager)

Abdoulaye Fall has a degree in English from the University of Dakar and holds an MA in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master in Immigration Management from the University Pompeu Fabra. Abdoulaye is also Doctor in Demography at the UAB Centre for Demographic Studies. He collaborates in ACAF as Program Manager combining this responsibility with savings groups creation, training and assessment with tracking and organization of training activities in the field of micro finance and community organization. He has been previously head of Communication and External Relations. Abdoulaye is presently vice-president of the European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN).

Roger Fonts (Coordinator)

Roger Fonts is an Environmentalist, and holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He currently works as Coordinator of ACAF (Association of Self-Funded Communities) and Winkomun Project, an online platform meant to create a worldwide network of Self-Funded Communites. During years 2001-2010 he developed his work under guidance of the renowned scientist Joan Grimalt, cowriting two articles published in scientific magazines such as Environmental Science & Technology, and developing research for several projects, including EU projects EMERGE and Eurolimpacs. During four years he also worked for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area Entity, and during year 2011 he lived in India and Nepal collaborating with two national NGOs, ASSIST India and The Learning Center of Kathmandu.

Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera (Founder and Vice-president)

Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera is founder and vice president of ACAF, a renowned social entrepreneur and member of Ashoka, the leading international organization of social entrepreneurs. He holds a PhD in Business Administration and has taught at the University Ramon Llull in Barcelona and at Rafael Landivar University of Guatemala. He received the CYEA award to the best world social entrepreneur in 2007, awarded by Junior Chamber International. He has worked as a consultant for international companies and organizations, and has lectured in various countries around the world including Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Portugal, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. He is the author of the book "Global Economy and Development".

Miquel de Paladella (President)

ACAF’s president, Miquel is an economist with a career of 18 years working on development. He started the university student association AIESEC as President for AIESEC Spain and Vicepresident for AIESEC International. He worked for eight years at the Society for International Development, moving from a position of Regional Director and External Relations Director, to dealing with marketing, resource development and finance. He then moved to lead the Global Movement for Children, where he worked as Executive Co-ordinator in 2003-2012, having been employed by Plan International and UNICEF. Miquel was chosen the first Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Human Development by UNDP in 1994. He has written extensively on development, education and child rights. Nowadays, Miquel de Paladella is ACAF’s president, and founder and director of UpSocial, a social entrepreneur association that works in social innovation.