At winkomun, we help people to build communities. But, mostly, we help people who want to create more than a community. People who, for several reasons, are interested in the methodology and decide to apply it to the communities around them.

People like Arianne, from Spain, BA in Economics : after several years working with microcredits, she discovered winkomun. For the last three years, she has created 16 communities in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Indonesia, where she currently lives.

Or Abdoulaye Fall, from Senegal, 40 years old : after working with the tontines system in the Senegalese community of Barcelona, he got acquainted with winkomun and created his own group in 2006. Since then, his interest for this methodology has been growing. He became one of the most prolific starters of the organization, with which he is closely linked.

Six million people are already using similar savings methodologies worldwide, because it happened that someone was interested in it, created a group and then spread it to other communities.

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