How does it work?

How does it work?

A savings group operates using very simple bases. The rules, or statutes, are set by all group members. The operational dynamics follows a very simple pattern, and winkomun provides all the help and documentation that the groups may requires.

Winkomun is a platform designed to provide tools for the creation and management of groups, and establish contact between them, in addition to an online tool made to organize meetings and accounting.


The first thing that must be defined when creating a savings group are the basic rules: how much can be invested by members, what is the ratio of saved money to credit that can be requested, or which is the longest period to repay loans.


The groups base their work on meetings. At each meeting, members add savings, return loans, and request new ones. And they talk about their problems, explain the good news and even have dinner or a drink. A group is not a small bank. It is, above all, a group of people.

Start it up!

In winkomun we help to create communities. But above all, we want to help starters, people who want to create more communities.