About us

Association of Self Funded Communities, ACAF, was created in Catalonia (Spain) in 2004 on the initiative of Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera, in order to promote the creation of self-funded Communities, (Comunidades Autofinanciadas, CAF in Spanish).

This simple methodology has shown that communities of low-income people can fund themselves and have access to credit, without any external help. It already exists in 45 countries and so far more than 30.000.000 people are members of this kind of communities, especially in the African, American and Asian continents. Some organizations as Plan, Care, Oxfam and CRS use similar methodologies and promote its expansion.

ACAF's main priority is to expand this proven and efficient methodology throughout Spain and to other European countries. So far, ACAF has been involved in the expansion of this model in 8 different cities in Spain and to Senegal, Portugal, Italy, Holland and Hungary o Belgium. 

In 2013, ACAF launched, a free online platform meant to give access to ACAF methodology to anyone all over the world. Winkomun's main purpose is to create a worldwide network of self-funded communities and give them all the necessary help, including tools such as online tutorials, downloadable contents and tools to manage the groups’ meetings. Moreover, Winkomun aims to create and strenghten both the contact and help between the group promoters by online forums, blogs and messaging on the website. ACAF’s work has received several national and international awards and has appeared on press and TV . You can watch some videos here.

Start it up!

In winkomun we help to create communities. But above all, we want to help starters, people who want to create more communities.